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From: MA H
Subject: Extra WorkoutThe changing rooms were quiet by the time that I had finished my workout,
everyone else had already showered and gone home. I collapsed free lolita baby 8yo
on one of the
benches. After a short while I made my way towards my locker. All the
contents clattered to the floor as soon as I opened the door. teen naked young lolita
I bent down,
collected them all up and put them on the nearest bench.As I pulled my towel from the pile, I suddenly became aware of the sound of
footsteps. I turned and jumped as a guy walked out from behind the lockers.
I recognised him as another guy who worked out sometimes when I was there,
but that was all I knew about him.He put his bag on a bench near to me and started to get changed. I could
stop myself staring at his toned body, I tired to tear my eyes away when my
cock started to harden making an increasingly visible bulge in my shorts. I
turned around quickly, so he didn't see. I carried on getting changed,
trying desperately to think of anything that might take my mind off of his
body and calm the growing bulge in my shorts.Glancing sideways, I noticed that he gone. I stood, looking all around for
him. I turned around and bumped straight into him."I saw you looking, " was all he said.He grabbed me and pulled me close, his lips met mine and we kissed. Ours
tongues explored each other's mouths, while our hands explored each other's
bodies. My cock was getting harder and harder, the front of my shorts was
tenting outwards more and more. I could feel his cock getting harder as
well.After a few minute, I broke of the kiss and dropped to my knees. My face
level with his bulging crotch. His cock hard and desperate to be released
from his shorts. I opened lolitas nude preview samples my mouth and moved towards his bulging shorts. I
sucked on his hard cock through the shiny material of his shorts. The front
of this his were soaked in pre-cum, I sucked hard and sucked the pre-cum
through his shorts and into my mouth. My hands held on tightly to his firm
arse.I put my thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and started to gently pull
them down. His hard cock soon sprang free from its confinement and stood
pointing up at the sky. A blob of pre-cum dripped from the end, I caught it
with my tongue. The delicious taste filled my mouth.Holding the base of his cock, I slowly guided it back to my mouth. With his
hands on the back of my head he forced his cock deeper and deeper into my
mouth. When his hard-on reached the back of my throat and my nose was
buried in his hair, he paused and then began slowly thrusting backwards and
forwards.I slowly stroked his firm arse with my hands, I worked my way up and down
the back of his thighs, feeling every inch. I moved one of my hands to his
balls. I massaged each one in turn.He continued to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.
My tongue licked every inch of his long cock, pre-cum dribbled into my
mouth.When his breathing started to quicken and he fucked my face harder, I knew
he was close to cumming. I grabbed hold of his arse again and pulled him
in closer, as he pushed his cock in deeper and deeper. As his balls
tightened, he forced his cock in as deep as it would go with one last thrust
and emptied load after load of hot cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed
as much as I could, but a dribbled escaped from my lips and rolled down my
face onto my chest.When he had finished he pulled his softening cock from my mouth and pulled
me to my feet. His arms wrapped around my body, pulling me in close. His
lips met mine again and we kissed. His tongue eagerly entering my mouth for
a taste of his own cum. He broke off the kiss and clean the escaped cum
from my face dark lolita nymphet xxx and chest.He worked his way down my body kissing everything as he passed. He sat on
the floor and slowly laid back. I got down on my knees, and worked my way
towards his waiting arse. I stuck my tongue between his cheeks and started
to work it in deeper and deeper. When I had gone as far as I could, I sat
up. Balancing his legs on my shoulders, I lined my throbbing cock up with
his arse. I slowly pushed it in. With small thrusts I worked my cock in
further and further. When I was in all the way I paused for a moment and
allowed him to get used to the feeling. Then I started to thrust my hips
backwards and forwards. My hands gripped onto his legs, while he stroked
his cock. It wasn't long before I couldn't hold back anymore. I pulled my
cock from his arse and straddled his body. I started jacking my cock over
him, after only a few strokes loli pink model rusia my cock exploded. Load after load of spunk
covered his chest and face. He licked up the bits he could reach.I collapsed next to him, both of us breathing hard.He leaned over, kissed me on the lips and said, "I'm Adam, by the way."As we got dressed, Adam smiled at me and I knew we'd do it again.
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